Saturday, December 25, 2010

to resolve or to not resolve? apparently, this is the question.

It's December, and so we come to that time of the year.  Not only the time for Christmas and excessive, present buying, eating, drinking and general having of fun, but also the time for reminiscing about everything that's happened or not happened in the past year. And (even more terrifying than critically appraising the past year and what one has failed to achieve or just been too lazy to get around to) it is time for the new years resolution,

Every single year I cheat at my new years resolution.  I resolve to be happy and to make the coming year better than its predecessor.  Laziness beyond redemption, I know.  So, last year I made a change. A tiny, tiny change.  And it has made the world of difference.  I resolved that I would catch the bus to uni everyday, instead of driving.  I pinpointed my ecological and environmental guilt about driving my car everywhere I go and realized I had the power to make a positive change.

So, a new years resolution for 2011 is what I am now seeking, and this year I'm having a hard time of it.  I have no desire to go back to my lazy 'be happy and make it a good one' days and resolving to work harder at my studies seems pointless as I always aim to work hard.  In the end, I think this year it's going to be about buying local produce and supporting my local community. Going for localisation instead of globalization.  Which is probably a bit stupid, but its something I think I can and should do. It also has the added advantage of following neatly on from last year's resolution.

So, here's to resolving, in one form or another.  To set challenges, in whatever form.  And (more importantly) to not telling a single living soul your resolution, so no-one knows if you give up after a week.

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