Sunday, June 19, 2011


So. Regular blog has transformed into a wanky travel blog for a short period (even more wanky then a regular blog I hear you ask? Grow up, moron)

Currently still in Australia, the Gold Coast to be more precise. To be even more precise, we're staying in a YHA and I can see the runway of the airport from my window. Spent last night in Brisbane with rellies, then caught the train down today. Flying out tomorrow. First flying to Cairns, then Tokyo and then Osaka so it's going to be a long day, mind you, I'll be so stoned on my flying drugs that I'm not going to remember it anyway.

Staying at the airport at Osaka tomorrow night, then onward unto the brink.

Not many adventures to report thus far other then British ping pong master who can earn $2500 a week selling superannuation and Israelites who think my iPad is the coolest thing in history (they get points for being clever and noticing the freaking obvious)

Send me stories and keep me updated while I'm away, I'll be missing you all more then I could ever say

Also, tweeting, emailing and face booking like a twit, so keep in touch

Love Love

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