Thursday, January 16, 2014

a visit to Udo.

We arrived on Jeju yesterday,  after flying from Busan.  It is very cold here but windy too, so you sort of feel like your eyeballs might freeze over every time you step outside.

We are staying at The Forest Hostel. There is a large traditional market and an underground mall near the hostel and lots of restaurants. We had beer and chicken for dinner last night - basically somewhere where they serve you a plate of fried chicken and a mug of beer (#fitspo).

Today we visited Udo, which is an island off the coast of Jeju. Apparently it got its name because it looks like a cow lying down but I'm calling bullshit on that. To get there you catch a ferry over, much the same as heading to Bruny, then you buy a pass for a hop-on hop-off bus.  The island is famous for it's women free divers - we could see some of them diving even in the middle of winter.   All over the place there are paddocks separated by dry stone walls made of volcanic rock and some crops in them but not too many at this time of year.

We caught the ferry back across to Jeju and went to climb Soengsan Ilchulbing, which is pretty much an empty caldera as far as I can tell - the volcanic rock is too porus to hold water or some geological snuff like that.  Being winter it wasn't half as snazzy as I imagine it is in springtime when the weather is nice and the grass is green and there are wild flowers, but it was still bloody beautiful (mate). Seriously lame hike up a squillion stairs to get to the top though, so legs day is totes covered off for this week anyway.   

Then caught the bus back to Jeju-si and went to a bbq place next door to the hostel for dinner. 

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