Thursday, January 23, 2014


We returned from Jeju Island on Monday and had a rest day back in Busan on Tuesday when we spent the day at an all you can eat American buffet, then doing a walk around Hae Undae and eyeballing where they held the 2005 (?) APEC summit - good pic of old Johnny Howard and his eyebrows to be seen.

Wednesday we traveled to Seoul by the fast train arriving about 1.  We are staying at the Base Camp Hostel which is in a really good spot - apparently it used to be made up of tents all over the floor space but the fire department had a field day and they had to build legit rooms.  Currently they are installing a wood heater which seems to involve lots of loud noises and men standing around looking at the heater and hoping it will install itself.  The bathroom door is operated by the use of a hammer tied to a   piece of string as a counter weight.  They also supply shampoo conditioner and body wash for guests but they're all in unmarked bottles. This is what happens when lads are in charge and I am freaking loving it - it really is like camping inside.

In the evening we went to Itaewon which is the multicultural area of Seoul and had MEXICAN FOOD for dinner. And it excellent. And I bought one of those ear flap hats that lumberjacks wear.  It's going to be my Bruny winter hat.

Tomorrow we are off to explore Seoul!


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